COVID Vaccination Policy

COVID Vaccination Policy

At Omega Dental, we have always considered ourselves as the people’s dentist.

It has been a challenging couple of years for all of us, especially when it comes to dental pain, it is not something that we can either put up with or evade it with medication, guess most of us would second that.

Throughout level 4 we have been working within the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Dental Council attending to emergencies restrictively. We very much look forward to being able to get back to providing dental services under the “new norm”.

As the whole world is battling this deadly virus, as humans we have to adapt to circumstances in the most pragmatic way possible. We practice evidence-based medicine, and the health of our team and patients is of the utmost importance. For this reason, we consider the only safe approach moving forwards is to welcome patients to our surgery who have been vaccinated against COVID.

Our intention is not to exclude loyal patients who are choosing not to be vaccinated, however we deem the risk to other patients and staff too great. Furthermore, we would like to do everything we can to avoid repeated closure of the surgery, which would be enforced if a positive case was identified at the practice. This approach is also supported by The New Zealand Dental Association. As recommended by guiding authorities all our staff have been fully vaccinated and also get COVID tested on a repeated basis.

With the new reality that COVID will be endemic in our community, we see vaccination as having a crucial role in reducing spread of the virus and severity of illness and there is no better place than that of a dental surgery.

In many instances individuals may be positive without exhibiting symptoms, and given the resounding evidence to support reduced risk of serious illness and hospitalisation in those who have received the vaccination, we see this as one of the crucial defences in our armoury.

At present we are taking our patient’s word on their vaccination status. However, in future we may require digital proof or sighting your vaccine card, which can be requested through the Ministry of Health website, here.

COVID Vaccination Policy